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Bar III and my LOUD voice

I had time yesterday between a client and class so I thought I would do a little shopping...whoops! I went in to Macy's for the first time in a long time and came across a brand called Bar III. Has anyone ever heard of this? I found such cute stuff, and just my luck they were having crazy sales! I really love Bar III's clothes and am so excited to have discovered them.

Here is a top I got. French Row Top. SO SO SO soft. I got one for my mom too! It's on SALE!


I wanted to share Bare III with you because some of their stuff is super comfy, things I can totally picture myself going to class in! And I am always on the lookout for cute clothes than can be worn in the studio and out. They have fun dresses too!

Some "cute for studio" and also for street tops:

Slub knit

Long sleeve striped ruched Might need to get that one!

High low

baseball Tee

And how awesome is this top!

Also I wanted to talk about the fact that I know I have a SUPER loud voice. Even when I try to whisper it comes out as a yell.  People have commented on my YouTube videos that my voice is too loud:

"Too LOUD !!!!PLEASE DONT SCREAM ! such a good girl and nice things,dont spoil! Thank you !"

"You are WAY too loud and hyper though I do love the content."

Even though I find the comments funny, I do have to agree. I have to turn the volume down when I watch my own videos. I can not help my "hyperness" or my crazy energy, but I think I can help the volume of my videos. I am going to look in to a wireless microphone and I hope that will make the difference.

Without a Wireless Mic: [youtube]

With a Wireless Mic: [youtube]

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My first TRX class... with mama Hefez

I have seen the TRX ropes before, and have played around with them, but yesterday I took my first  official TRX class. photo

I love the idea, with any method of exercise, of using my own body weight. I think it is so empowering. TRX does just that. You use your own body weight and challenge yourself as much or as little as you wish. Today I am feeling it. I took a 30 minute class, and that was just perfect. We did 30 seconds of each exercise and did a round of 3 different exercises and then switched it up. I will defiantly try a TRX class again.

What is your favorite "use your own body weight" method of exercise? Yoga? Dance? Pilates?

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Are your triceps feeling jiggly?

photo (11) It always happens. The time between Christmas and New Years where people start to slack at the gym. My class numbers slow down and then BOOM come the New Year the number of students in my classes sky rocket and people are back at it. I myself have been eating more "sweets" than normal, and my workout schedule has been all over the place... so really no schedule. This is partly due to the fact that a lot of my classes have been cancelled due to the holiday and new year.

I just got back from lunch with my mom and future sister in law. I got a salad nicoise, actually one of the best salad nicoise I have ever had. And then we split the masterpiece featured above. We didn't even know where to start! It was huge, so we didn't end up finishing it, but it was good. It was filled with vanilla and raspberry ice cream and some kind of vanilla cakey stuff.  I also had a cup of peppermint tea. YUM.

Here is a video to get you back into the groove. Lets target those triceps, and get rid of the jiggle in time for the new year. On Friday I will be posting a full body workout to get you ready for your New Years little black dress!

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Inner thigh and Hip slimming video!

I recently became a solow ambassador!! I am a wearing a lovely outfit by them in the video below. I have always been obsessed with their clothes, and now I love that they are branching out and doing more "fitness" type clothing. Comfortable, so flattering, and SO cute with a fun edge! They have the perfect apparel for wearing in and out of the gym!

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Black Friday sales and NEW WORKOUT VIDEO

Here is a video that will make you feel AWESOME! Take 15 minutes out of your day today and do it!

Happy Black Friday. Avoid the crowds and order online. BodyRock Sport is having an incredible deal; 40% off until 11/25! They have amazing stuff so shop away, and check out the "Lauren Bra" named after me!!  ** Enter GOBBLE at checkout for 40% off.

My other favorites from BodyRock:

Morning after top

Jayde Moto Jacket

The Ruby Bra

The Jan Bra

The Sophie Bra

ANOTHER amazing brand, Hotdrop, is giving 35% off if you use the code MAKEWAY. They are getting a lot of new apparel and gear this week, hence the word "makeway". Be sure to check them out and become a fan of their Facebook page! Below is a video I did with Sarah Dussault, where I am wearing the "Lauren Bra" from Hotdrop.

Have a great weekend! See you with some new videos and material next week! Cheers!

Reebok Headquarters Cardio Dance Fusion Class

Yesterday I made my way to the Reebok Headquarters to lead the HR team through a cardio dance fusion class for their annual meeting. The class was held in the Crossfit gym where we had a great sound system and ample room to move around. I was so pleased with the group! They were awesome and totally rocked it. They laughed and sweat the whole time and were the perfect display of what I wish for in a dance class. Laid back fun people who love to sweat!

Whenever I go to the Reebok headquarters I always make sure I have time to shop! I bought some cool studded sneakers called "Princess" from the Alicia Keys line.

What do you think?? Today I am off to NYC with my mom for a dress fitting!!

Oh and check out these ones too! I saw my Equinox boss wearing them a few days ago. They are so fun... Alicia Keys as well.

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Sometimes it's more fun working out with a buddy

It's a rare opportunity when my fiance lets me "Work him out". I usually hear him say "no, I have soccer tomorrow"  or "no, I went to the gym yesterday" or just plain old "not a chance". So on the VERY FEW AND RARE occasions that he says "YES" I get so excited I could pee myself!

Yesterday was one of those "YES" days. So I set up two mats, took out some light weights for arms and back. and grabbed a kickball for abs. Most of the exercises I put him through I modified for myself. We did a lot of plank and push up variations. I made sure to throw in some back work to even us out. The workout was under 25 minutes and we were both sweaty! It was so much fun.. for me at least!

I find that working out with someone can be motivating and just more fun. I once worked out with a friend who is also a trainer. We set out two mats and I put her through an exercise and she put me through one. We did this for about 30 minutes back and fourth. We both learned some new moves and the workout flew by! Try it and let me know how it goes. Instead of a dinner date, it can be a workout date! YEAH?! OR workout while dinner is cooking! HOLLA.

Here is an old workout video we did together.  I plan to do another video demonstrating what we did yesterday, because it was amazing. I am sore from it today!

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Steps to a beautiful back

Video 1: pulling your shoulders back

1. Good Posture! What is good posture?  I used to think it was just when you would sit up straight (that is part of it) but the REAL posture comes from pulling your shoulder blades together and pulling your shoulders away from your ears and back. When you pull your shoulders back, make sure not to stick out your rib cage or your belly. Good posture also comes from pulling your stomach in, engaging your deep abdominal muscles and supporting your low back.  Now I want you to FREEZE and check the placement of your head. It is most likely hanging too far font and putting a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders. Try to stack and lengthen your spine and not let your head fall too far front. Now pull your shoulders down and back and check out video #1.

Video 2: back work on your stomach (soon to be mama's ...I would not do this)

2. This is a GREAT back exercise and routine. It's all about pulling the shoulders back, baby. Do not let them fall front. Think of sliding your shoulder blades down and away from your ears, and then pulling them together.

Video 3: seated rows (make sure you are sitting up tall)

3. Seated rows: AMAZING. You can do this at home, no big machines needed! All you need is a resistance band. Many people focus too much on pulling their elbows back, when the focus should be on your shoulders and shoulder blades.

Video 4: Standing posture workout

4. Standing arm workout! Focus on triceps and back. This workout is a MUST! And you can do it anywhere... even when waiting in line at the grocery store...maybe??!

I am also guilty of bad posture, slouchy shoulders, and just too tired to care.

BUT 90% of the time I am aware, I make that effort, and it has paid off. You can do it too. Set yourself a reminder on your computer or your phone. " Pull your shoulders back" or "posture".  This change will make you taller, appear learner, and will for sure give off that confident and successful vibe.

What is YOUR favorite back exercise? I would love to hear!

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OPEN hip flexors = TIGHT butt

Not seeing the results you want from all that butt work you have been doing? Your tight hip flexors might be getting in your way. The Hip flexor stretch is my favorite. Tight hips affect many of us, either from a long day of sitting at work, a long commute, or just overuse.  We tend to use our hips and activate them even when they are not needed.  Your butt and hip flexors are opposing muscles. Having an open hip flexor muscle not only feels great, but it can also help your butt muscles get tighter and help wake them up a little.  And who doesn't want a butt that's awake?!

Try this stretch and then pair it with the butt workout below!

After your hips are nice and open make sure you do some butt work. Open your hips then tighten your butt!

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