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Married! A little preview of my wedding weekend.

This weekend was the best weekend of my life... so far. I will wait after the honeymoon for a detailed post, but I wanted to capture a few highlights of the day/night. (pictures are in random order) Right before our big reception entrance, my friend snapped this picture.


Morning of the wedding. Such crazy high energy! Getting ready to get my hair done... AHH!!!!!!Image

Our venue. Inside is a blank canvas where you can do anything. Artists for Humanity.


Elise, from Lillybelle foods catered our lunch! My bridesmaids and I LOVED it. I can not wait to share what was on the menu.


Our first dance!!! I will share the video when we get it :)


TIEKS!! I had to spread the love that I have for Tieks with my (7!) bridesmaids and my mom(s).  Everyone was so excited to get their gifts. I wore my Tieks for all the dancing!

photo (27)

A while back I asked for your advice on which hair piece I should wear at the cocktail hour... most of you said this one!

photo (28)

One of a kind, custom made necklace made by my sister in law! How amazing?!  This piece got a lot of attention at the wedding.

photo (25)

I am exhausted and still have to pack for my honeymoon. I leave the house in 5 hours!!!!!  Off to Vietnam. I will be posting (hopefully I can get internet somewhere) videos on YouTube.  Follow on with #brandonandlauren


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One of my favorite gift registry items

I always thought gift registries were weird  You tell people what you want them to get you and then you have to act surprised when you open the gift at your shower. I was/am so thankful for all the wonderful gifts and generosity my friends and family showed during my wedding shower. I did not think this would happen, but I actually DID get excited about the gifts I was opening, even though I knew I registered for them. This was one of my favorites.

ImageI love the way the berries look in the ceramic colander, and it makes it so much easier to wash the berries and store them in the fridge. I also snack right out of the colander! So easy, cheap, and a great gift item. Highly recommended!

I finally got back on the YouTube video train. I was off for about a week because of Boston events that distracted me greatly. BUT back on track, and I made this awesome butt video for you :)  



I will also be doing another bride arms video next week. You will need to get an elastic workout band. If you don't have one get one. It will be worth it! I would recommend getting the black.  You can also check your local sports store, or marshals.

Enjoy the beautiful sun and wear your SPF! 

What is your favorite gift ever? I want to hear!!!

Dance lessons for your wedding and a cool bachelorette idea

Image Being a dancer I wanted something special for my first dance. My camera man (AKA my fiance) and I are on two opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to dancing. Our ballroom teacher and owner of Ballroom in Boston asked us to pick a number on a scale of 1-10 on how much we want our dance to be like "Dancing With The Stars". I said 10, camera man said 1. We met half way with a 5.


Some people like to wing their first dance and just feel the moment. I 100% repspect that. It can be a lot of pressure on a couple to perform a choreographed dance on top of all other things you need to worry about, but taking lessons can also relieve some of that pressure. If that makes sense?

My camera man and I took some group classes, and then started on private lessons. I think the lessons helped us connect on a different level. We had to work together in a way we never had. In the beginning I took control, too much control. It is the mans job to lead the dance, and I had a hard time letting him do that. I would pull him around like I was in control, he did not like this :) Now I let him lead, and he is SO GOOD! (YAY)

We took about 3 private lessons and practiced on our own. Our wedding is in under three weeks  (EEEEK!!!) and we both feel pretty good about the dance. I will be sure to show you the full dance after the wedding. (We picked a short song, only 2 minutes 30 seconds).  I recommend taking lessons even if you are NOT going to perform a dance or even if you are already married. It is exciting, and different, and I really mean it, you will leave smiling and learn about your partner and something new will spark. Keep your eyes open for special ballroom dancing deals and packages on coupon type websites.

This past weekend I taught an 80's themed barre fitness class for a bachelorette party! It was a blast!!! All the girls dressed in 80's gear and I blasted some awesome 80's music. What a unique way to start out your bachelorette party! After their workout they got themselves showered, dressed and ready for a wine tasting the rest of their night festivities.


Check out this Video on my Facebook page for a 10 second snip of the class.

Ask your local gym if they can hold a private party. I know Boston Equinox does this for FREE!  It is a great way to expose the gym and instructor, and something a little different and for sure FUN.

Day after Marathon Monday 2013, Boston MA


I had a hard time going to sleep last night, still in shock of the events that happened only minutes walking from my apartment.

I left early this AM to teach class and the city felt different. Everyone moved slower, cars were not beeping and it felt as if we were all unified without saying one word.  I took the picture below at 5:50am.


Police officers, SWAT team, soldiers, camera crews, photographers, and marathon runners in their gear are covering the streets of Boston. I snapped a few shots today to give you a feel for what it has been like:

photo (91)

photo (12)photo (13)



It was hard for me to teach my classes today. Hard for me to listen to happy music and hard for me to put on a cheery face. Things feel different and I am sure it will take a little time to be put back in place. But Boston is strong, no doubt.

I emailed my boss and told her how I was feeling and that I was not sure if could do it. I was not sure I could teach a class and be genuinely happy. Her response:

"Remember people need your smile and inspiration. Times like this can be hard and people look to you as a leader. Dancing, good music and your positive energy is needed more than ever. Share your love and your ability to lift the spirits of those that need it."
My heart aches for the families and friends effected by yesterdays tragedy. Please send your positive thoughts and prayers. XO
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Wedding dress pick up!

Last Thursday I made my final trip to NYC to pick up my wedding dress. I was so nervous but so excited all at the same time.  I worked with the designer who made my dress, and I was so happy that it fit perfectly. The dress is not what I was thinking of getting AT ALL. So different from what I had originally wanted, but I couldn't be more happy While I was on my way to NYC I sent you all a video asking what YOU wanted your next workout to be.


I got a lot of great responses and you guys gave me a lot of ideas for new videos, so thank you!! I decided to do an inner thigh and abs video.




I also need your advice. I do not want to give too much information away but at some point either before or during the wedding I may wear a headpiece. Which one do you like more? Both head pieces are using the same flower, it is just the lace bands that are different styles. I bought the flower on Etsy and the lace in NYC!





Walk, walk, and walk more

Image As if I do not say it enough. Walking is the BEST. Do it every day, 10,000 steps! I know when you are strapped to your desk it is hard to find the time. But make it happen. You will find your day more productive, your body more awake, and your mind more happy.

Thanks Lifehacker for this great little read.

How do you fit in extra steps into your busy day?

Do you wear a pedometer? How many steps a day do you average?

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Happy Monday!

This Friday and Saturday was a lazy one for me! I somehow motivated myself to make a video. My butt was actually a little sore the next day. I did it in my sweatpants :) Try it out! [youtube]

My wedding is officially 2 months away! UM crazy! Everyone keeps asking if I am all done with planning. I keep saying yes, and then 1 hour later I will have a minor freak out remembering the million things I have to do. It is always the little things that pile up at the end. But all in all I am loving the planning. Let's hope I feel this way in a couple of weeks.

I went for a hair trial last week and told my hair dresser I wanted to leave with " The Kelly." She has done Kelly's hair before, so she knew exactly what I meant!


This hair style is inspired by Kelly Kalley, formally Kelly Dooley. She is the mind behind Body Rock Sport Bras, my little fitness apparel obsession.

And I leave you with this: Sites that I constantly find myself going to as I have to find different dresses, shoes and accessories for different events: I LOVE ordering online. So easy, and if it's free shipping and returns you really can't lose.





Lord and Taylor

shop style

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Save your lips from the cold!



I am outside a lot. No matter if it's raining, snowing, sunny, or dry I have to walk from class to class and client to client. In these cold winter months it feels as though all the moisture has been sucked out of my skin and my lips!

Below are my top 4 lip treatments for the winter. Enjoy and stay hydrated!



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Nike Studio Wraps

ImageMy friend showed me these Nike Studio Wraps, They are totally cute and remind me of toe shoes with a little edge. They look awesome for studio wear during your barre, yoga, or Pilates classes. Best thing: they come with a bag to wash them in, so they don't get stinky! What do you guys think? You have to watch the video, because it will make you want them!!!!

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NYC for the day, and a 30 minute interval workout

Off to NYC with my mom to try on my wedding dress!!! EEEK a little nervous because this is the first time I try it on! We are taking a bus there and then a train back. I made sure to pack some yummy snacks for us. I packed an apple, nuts, an egg with avocado on Ezekiel bread,Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with PB (SO GOOD!), and a cranberry bran muffin from Trader Joes,


OK I leave you with this INTERVAL WORKOUT . Off to run to the BUS!!!! XO


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