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10,000 YouTube Subscribers and roasting a whole chicken

Thank you all so much for your support and for getting me to 10,000 YouTube subscribers! This is a huge milestone for me and I am so excited to share it with you. In case you have not subscribed yet... DO IT! I post at least one new workout video every week! They are all full length videos so all you have to do is follow along with me. It takes the thinking out of "what should I do for a workout??!" I am always taking requests, so feel free to message me!


Last night I made a WHOLE roast chicken (for the second time in my life). I do not mind eating chicken, but when it comes to looking at and touching a raw piece of meat it kinda grosses me out. BUT I have to say that cooking a whole chicken is SO easy and actually tastes pretty darn good!


Keeping the skin on when you roast a chicken is great because it gives the chicken so much flavor, keeps it moist, and you do not need to add any other sauces or dressings.  I take the skin off before I eat the chicken, though I think some people may eat it.

After over an hour of cooking... this is what happened!


I looked up different recipes online and grabbed ideas from them.

I rubbed my chicken with salt, pepper, and Herbes de Provence. I squeezed a little lemon on top and then stuffed the lemon up the chickens butt. That was the weirdest part for me!

For side dishes I blanched some broccoli, and in a separate dish I cut up some carrots, celery, and some cute little baby potatoes, seasoned it with salt pepper and a little EVOO. I put everything in the oven to cook together.

check out the blogs below on how to cook your bird:

Perfect Roast Chicken: Food Network

Making the Basic: Simple Roast Chicken (Annie Eats)

While your chicken is roasting how about you do this workout? It is awesome because you DO NOT need a mat and it is PERFECT to do in your kitchen while your meal is cooking.

Enjoy! And keep me posted on how your roast chicken came out. (Makes great leftovers too! Chicken on salad!)

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How NOT to blow your healthy eating this July 4th weekend.

July 4th means a lot of food, drinking, and dessert. But it does not mean that you have to throw your healthy eating out the window! This is what I would do before heading out this weekend:

1. Workout before you leave for your BBQ or outing.  (you could workout after but I like before better)


2. Drink a lot of water the morning of. I would eat a light breakfast. Maybe an egg, avocado and toast? Or some nuts and a banana. You could even do a green juice! I would never leave my house with an empty stomach. That would just set me up for disaster. Get something in your belly so you are not starving causing you to overeat.

3. I always try to bring a healthy side dish or appetizer. I am bringing a hearty and delicious salad to my families BBQ. Bringing something is helpful because if there is nothing on the "healthy" side at your BBQ, you know you always have your dish to fall back on!

4. If you are going to a place where there will be a lot of people, loud music and drinking it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and just start shoving food in your mouth. Try to be mindful. Find a seat and enjoy your beer (or cocktail!) and food. Sitting makes a HUGE difference and will somehow make you feel more satisfied.

5.  Fill your plate with veggies or salad, first! Then you can add in your protein and starch. I would grab a sweet potato or brown rice if that is an option!

How I will fill my plate:

- half my plate will be filled with a salad or veggies of some sort

- a protein (probably grilled chicken). About the size of my cell phone, or smaller.

- possibly some type of starch. Brown rice? Sweet potato?

- and I will always leave room for dessert!!!!

6. How I will choose my dessert: I will most likely scope out the table and choose something chocolaty. I love chocolate. And I will take just a little to satisfy me. Look at the table first, then pick your favorite dessert. Who knows, it might even be the fruit!?

7. Try to avoid sugary margarita mixes and drinks. I would stick to the less sugary drinks. After every alcoholic drink grab a water. If you are hosting a BBQ maybe you can try one of these: (Thanks Sarah!)


So there you have it. Do not stress about what you are eating, just enjoy every bite. Holidays should be fun. Do not deprive yourself, that will just lead to over indulging. Enjoy your friends and family (or whoever you are with)! Be mindful of what you are putting in your body. And if it is a chocolate chop cookie, enjoy and embrace every bite :)

Be safe and  happy fourth!

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Grapefruit too bitter? Try this!

photo (14)

photo (14)

I'll admit it, I am not a fan of grapefruit. I always get annoyed when health magazines and websites tell us to eat grapefruit for breakfast. Like really? You want us to like the taste of grapefruit?!!

I was SO excited when I came across an article on how to take the bitterness out of grapefruit. Watch the video below as it shows you what to do! So easy, and it works! I now can enjoy grapefruit!


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Cooking class in Vietnam


20130516-231115.jpg Brandon and I took a cooking class today! As part of the class we went to a Vietnamese market and picked our own produce. The produce was abundant but there were also things in this market that I had never seen before. Out in the open were pig brains and every part of a cow you could think of. There are no fridges in the market, so everything is fresh and must be sold that day. We saw live fish having their heads cut off, and most shocking to me were frogs that were being slammed on a counter in order to kill them. I accidentally took a video of this, but have decided not to show it.

This is the culture in Vietnam, so I am being open minded. All very interesting.

Brandon and I have a driver/tour guide while we are in Saigon. His name is Hung!


He is the sweetest! He is Buddhist and as part of his practice he and his wife buy a fish from the market twice a week and set it free in the Saigon river. He does not believe in killing animals, even mosquitos!

For our cooking class today we made 3 main dishes:


I tried to take a video during class, but this was a little difficult. I did get a quick one though and will post later.


First dish was a mustard leaf roll. Inside was carrots, onions, coconut stalk, lotus stem, lemon basil, mint, and some other green thing. Ill get that name later :)

This green wrap really reminded me of a wrap I made with Elyse from Lillybelle foods! Just a Vietnamese version.


Next: sticky rice fritter aka fried rice balls

Inside these balls I chose not to put meat, rather I stuck with veggies.



They were crispy on the outside and very dense. The chef said this is traditional Vietnamese street food. It's cheap and filling!

Last dish: fresh rice noodles with BBQ pork! I do not eat pork so I took a picture of Brandon's dish. I just made mine sans meat. There was not much cooking for this one other than making the sauce and grilling the meat.

The sauce was made of mostly:

Kumquats Garlic Water Fish oil Sugar Salt Chili peppers Pepper


Sing Ciào! Off to De Lat tomorrow!

PS excuse any typos! This is all done on my phone!

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Wegmans in Virgina

Hi all. I am on my to Virginia!! I am in a car and have some time on my hands so I am going to write out this whole post on my phone and drive at the same time!! Just kidding (about the driving).

Whenever I travel I try to stop at a grocery store along the way to grab some healthy snacks that do not take preparation and can stay without refrigeration. I stopped at Wegmans food market (first time in there!) and saw they had breakfast sandwiches. Most of the sandwiches were already prepared with either cheese or bacon or both. I asked if they could make me an egg white on a whole wheat English muffin, no cheese or meat. It was simple and hit the spot.


After my breakfast I walked around and explored the store a little bit more. There was so much produce and the store just kept going and going. I really wanted to buy a green juice, but couldn't find any. I am not sure if I missed them, but I was a bit disappointed at their juice selections.

I bought bananas, cucumbers, granola, almonds, cacao energy bites and a pear! Enough snacks to last me the weekend.

Do you have a Wegmans in your area? Supposedly one is opening in Boston!

Have a superb weekend :)


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Delicious healthy chocolate chip cookie


I love chocolate. I love dessert. I really do. So when Elise (from Lillybelle Foods) told me about her recipe for a healthier version of a chocolate chip cookie I was alllll about trying it.

Regardless of being considered more healthy, I LOVED IT ! Try it, and YOU tell me how amazing it is, k?

  • The only sweetener in the cookie is honey (and the chocolate chips)
  • No butter! We used only coconut oil



½ c whole wheat flour

½ c almond meal

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

1  egg

2 T honey

1 ½ tsp vanilla

½ cup chocolate chips

1 T coconut oil, melted is ideal

2 T almond milk


Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine all wet ingredients in a smaller bowl. Add wet ingredients to dry and add chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. Makes about 6 cookies.

For a vegan version, use 1 T ground flax seed +  3 T warm water instead of the egg, and use maple syrup instead of honey.


Raw mango pie - using only 4 foods

photo (77)

I had Jody over, from JoJo's Raw Kitchen and she introduced me to the most delicious and easy to make RAW pie.  When I think of dessert I think of chocolate. I am not much of a fruit and nut dessert girl. So when Jody mentioned mango pie, it was not my first choice, but now I have become officially obsessed! This is something that I could eat every day as a sweet treat and not feel bad about it. Seriously awesome.


  • 1 cup almonds
  • 1 cup dates (take out the pits)
  • 1 mango
  • 1 banana


In a food processor place almonds and chop until almost a powder. Add in dates and blend together until they form a paste. This will be your raw crust. Take out and place in a pie dish to make a crust. Press the paste down hard and form a base to your pie.

Cut up 1 mango and 1 banana. Place in food processor and and blend. This is going to be your "cream" part of the pie!

Pour the mango and banana mixture on top of your raw crust and place in the fridge for 10 minutes then serve. The pie stays good for 4-5 days. It might lose its bright yellow color, but it is still good to eat.

Some tips:

  • If your dates are hard soak them in water for about 30 minutes to soften
  • Your pie may crumble when you serve it. WHO CARES. Because it just tastes so good.
  • Make sure your crust is really stuck together and there are no holes.
  • If the almond/date crust is not sticking together add more dates to the mixture.

YUM! Enjoy! Do you have any raw, quick and easy recipes that you would like to share??

Wedding invitations by Lucky Penny Paperie

invitee Most of my wedding invitations have been sent out and some are still on their way. But I am SO excited! It feels far more real now :)

I was searching for an invitation that would go with the "feel" and "theme" of our wedding. I wanted something chic, city, etherial, artsy but elegant  And I found it! I worked closely with Jessica the creator, artist and designer behind Lucky Penny and she was great. She personalized the invitation to make it more of what I wanted, and made little changes that made a HUGE difference. I found her while searching Etsy, and could not be happier. She was patient and went along with my ideas and worked with my budget!

My favorite part of the invitation is the invitation holder. It is a nice shimmery envelope and has a resealable sticker with our names on it and the wedding date! Gives the invitation a nice personal touch.

invite 1

Wedding food tastings are my favorite. We went to about three different caterers, trying many dishes. I worked with the chef  in order to give my vegetarians some awesome food options. I am always excited when the vegetarian option at a wedding or event is NOT pasta. We came up with a filling, healthy and delicious vegetarian option. What better than quinoa and fresh vegetables! SCORE!

invite 3

I will also be working with Jessica to help us create our wedding programs! This is so fun and exciting for me. Has anyone else found their wedding invitations? Where? Did you search online? Any luck on Etsy?

Collard Green Wrap, a GREAT lunch option.



My clients and readers are always asking me "What is a good food option for lunch"? Well folks... here it is. Collard Green Wrap!

It is delicious AND easy! Wrapping the "burrito" was the hardest part for me. 


Feel free to stuff your collard green burrito with anything you wish. Elise gave us advice:

1. Do not stuff it with anything pointy like carrot strings. Pointy things can puncture the wrap.

2. Double up the wrap with two layers of collard greens

3. Make sure you add a grain like Quinoa, couscous, or brown rice. This will help absorb any juices from your vegetables or any other foods you decide to add to your wrap.

What else have you used as a "wrap" other than the traditional tortilla?

Elise is awesome. She has such great recipe ideas. Follow her here:

Follow her amazing blog

Follow her on Facebook

After Elise shared her recipe with us it was only fair that I take her through a workout. The video will be posted tomorrow! 

Water Challenge

Here is a Facebook post I received today! Set yourself a reminder so that you do not forget! I have had a lot of people tell me an alarm, or note helps. photo

It's happening! People are staying committed and drinking their morning glass of water!! I am loving seeing your tweets, messages, and posts! Keep up the good work. It is not too late to start with this healthy and EASY habit. Many people drink coffee first thing in the AM. But a lot people told me they made the effort this morning to drink a cup of water before their cup of coffee. YES!

Keep sending your water drinking pictures! Do it now! Tweet or post your pictures! Twitter: @SweatwithLH Facebook: Sweat With Lauren Hefez

The first couple of pictures that I received this AM... :)

photo (2)

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