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Portabella Mushroom Burger Recipe. (meat eaters will love it too!)


I recently saw the biggest Portabella mushroom I have ever seen... in my entire life. I grabbed two and ran (aka drove) home. The mushrooms were actually TOO big for the buns so we had to cut around the edges in order for them to fit on the buns. I used the mushroom- edges the next day on top of a salad.


I looked up some portabella mushroom burger recipes online, and then mushed them all together to come up with my very own delicious recipe.

This gets two thumbs up!


(serving size 2 burgers)

2 large portabella mushroom caps

whole wheat buns

1 avocado

1 large ripe vine tomato

swiss cheese (optional)

ketchup? Mustard? Pickles? Any toppings you desire,


1 tbsp unrefined toasted sesame oil (if you do not have this use EVOO although i think toasted sesame oil is great to have and gives things a really fun flavor )

1 tbsp EVOO

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon honey

1 tbsp montreal chicken seasoning (it is a McCormick seasoning)

1 tbsp rosemary (fresh or dry) 

salt and pepper 


Mix the balsamic, Sesame oil,  EVOO, honey, montreal chicken seasoning, rosemary salt and pepper together. Bush all over the mushroom caps. (leave some marinade aside)

Preheat your cast iron grill, or indoor grill pan on medium heat. Do not have one? Use a George Forman. 


When grill is hot, place caps on top. Let it sit on grill for a few miunutes and brush on more of the marinade. After about 5 minutes flip burgers over and brush more seasoning on. Let it sit for about 7 -10 minutes or until the burgers start to release some juice and are cooked through. 

Toast your buns, place the cooked portabella mushroom on top. Add your toppings and enjoy. So delicious and yummy. 



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