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Raw Beets

Beets: Eat them RAW

I used to always cook my beets. Either in the oven, or boil it over the stove. For the first time I ate my beets RAW, and it was amazing. How did it take me so long to do this?  When you cook beets they lose more than 25% of their folate. When you eat your beets raw, they get to keep their nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

  • wash your beet
  • peel your beet
  • cube your beet (small cubes)
  • throw it in a salad for a nice little crunch

The End. So amazing. Raw beets rock the house!

How do you eat your beets?! 

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Watermelon, mint and feta: summer appetizer idea.

I have had so many people asking about my playlists. Here is my July Playlist. I am working on putting it up so that you can just click "play" and listen to them all! Until then: (click to enlarge)

This weekend I had the best appetizer/snack! It is so refreshing and the combination of flavors is amazing. Watermelon, mint and feta. YUM.  Make sure the watermelon is REALLY cold. What is your favorite appetizer for a hot summer day?


I just filmed a prenatal video. It was actually fun. Stay tuned. I will post tomorrow!

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