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Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipe and my Target® C9 Activewear Review.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is spend the day/night at my friend's house in Hull. Even though it is only an hour (or so) away from Boston, I feel like I am on a far away vacation.

Less Is More Summer Salad & Grilling Romaine Lettuce. Say what?

I love salads, especially in the summer. When making salads,  I usually get carried away and combine every nut, fruit, cheese and green I can find.

A Bridal Shower To Take Notes From

This past weekend we celebrated one of my good UMASS college friends bridal shower. It took place in Western Mass at The Ranch Golf Course Barn/Pavilion. 

Hemp Seed. What is it? How to eat it?

I bought hemp seeds for the first time yesterday! (as you can see I am very excited about this)