The Fit List: 13

Every week I bring you the top 5 things on my mind when it comes to food, fitness, and fashion.

#1 Neimans is now carrying athleisure-wear! Meagan and I viewed their collection yesterday and we are so excited - it's awesome! To help get the word out Meg Thrive and I will be holding a class in the Boston store THIS SUNDAY! The class is free and there will be small vegan bites and fresh juices to enjoy after class.  Free gift with any activewear purchase of $200.

To secure your spot Email:


#2 freshforce citrus juicer

Pretty much the best lemon squeezer out there. 

#3 Fruit and Vegetable Baby mobile!!

Ok- so my mother in law is the maker of these. And Griffin has one in his room - I AM OBSESSED with them. She is so talented. Makes a GREAT baby gift for any foodies out there! 

#4 Kofta Recipe

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 9.55.42 AM.png

I love Kofta and this looks like a delicious recipe. 

#5 Beyond Yoga Ombre Leggings

Just got these. And they are pretty cool. 

Posted on May 31, 2017 .

The Fit List: 12

Every week I bring you the top 5 things on my mind when it comes to food, fitness, and fashion.

#1 Abs Video

Check out my latest YouTube video. Its all about abs. It's quick, so just do it, k? I filmed in my kitchebn, 'cause why not?

#2 Organic and Natural Mat Cleaner

A student/friend was using it in class and everyone kind of went crazy over it. And for good reason. Buy it here!  (Thanks Ellen!)

#3 Watercress

I have been eating more watercress lately. It has a strong flavor, kind of peppery, but I like it. Throw it in your next salad.

#4 Fresh Ginger Tea

Most nights I slice some ginger and put it in hot water to make tea. It's soothing and especially good if you have an upset stomach. 


#5 Nina Davies Jewlery

I got a "GRIFFIN" name bracelet from Nina Davies Jewelry, as part of her alphabet series. I am OBSESSED with it. Literally, wear it every day and have not taken it off. Such a fun and easy to wear bracelet. Would make a cute gift too!  



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The Fit List: 11

Every week I bring you the top 5 things on my mind when it comes to food, fitness, and fashion.

#1 I just got an email from Reebok talking about THEIR FIT LIST! I started mine over a year ago... so I'll take the credit  :) But it's still fun to check out their list.

#2 Warrior Pants. I just got these. We all have some warrior in us.


#3 Live in Boston? Come to my event this SUNDAY! It will be freaking awesome! All money raised will go toward March Of Dimes.

#4 My go to lip balm. I also love their combat-ready balm. 

#5 Purple sweet potatoes. The most beautiful color, in a food, I have ever seen. 

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The Fit List: 10

The Fit List is Back! Do you remember The Fit List? I LOVED writing them and updating you on the latest and the greatest. Here are some past Fit List:

Fit list: 1

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Fit List: 7

Every week I bring you the top 5 things on my mind when it comes to food, fitness, and fashion.

#1 Hemp Hearts

I have been in love with hemp hearts for quite some time now, but have never shared with you the amazing benefits of this awesome seed. WHY, lauren? Why has it taken you so long!

Well, your life will be forever changed. Hemp hearts are the best. I put them on everything, and like them even more than chia seeds! I mean I like chia seeds, but hemp hearts take the gold for me!

Hemp hearts/seeds have a nutty flavor and texture. A little storage tip: they can go rancid, so make sure you store them in the fridge (for maybe 6 months) or in your pantry (for about 3). Sunlight is not its friend. 

How to eat them:

  • on top of yogurt
  • mixed in smoothies
  • in your salad (so good!)
  • sprinkle on oatmeal or on top of fruits
  • make hemp milk with it! 
  • in your pasta sauce, gives it a nice nutty flavor
  • in your chia seed pudding
  • in soups


  • they are not a nut, so those with nut allergies can eat them- and still get the awesome taste of nuts!
  • great source of vitamin E and minerals like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, ir on and zinc. Also rich in omega 3 and 6
  • a complete source of  PLANT BASED protein!
  • easy protein for your body to digest compared to meat, whole eggs, cheese and milk (and it does not cause bloating or gas!)

#1 Breastmilk Frosting

Griff recently turned one (yay!). I, of course, made him homemade cupcakes with breastmilk frosting! It was so good, yes I tried it. And instead of confectioners sugar the recipe asked for arrowroot. So cool. First time I ever used it! 

Here are other alternatives to powdered sugar for frosting.

#3 March Of Dimes fundraiser class for #teamgriff

I will be leading an amazing class on Sunday, May 7th at Ink Block in Boston. IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!! Sign up here! If you can not join in on the fun, but would still like to donate? Donate HERE!

#4 My Favorite Sneakers For Walking

I have been obsessed with these shoes for years. Light weight. Machine washable. And so darn cute. I have them in black and gray and will get more. I wrote about these before in another Fit List.

#5 Save An Avocado You Cut Too Soon

I did this this last week and I was so mad - I cut into an avocado that was not ripe enough. So I looked up how to save it. And it works! I went the extra mile and covered it  with foil just to make sure nothing got in!

XO, Until next week!


Posted on April 24, 2017 .

Resolution Reboot- 5 class series at ASANA Charlestown

Guys! I am so pumped about this special 5 class series I am leading starting this upcoming Saturday (February 25th) at the beautiful Charlestown studio, ASANA. Each week will be different, focusing on a new body part:

Saturdays 11:00-11:45

20 City Square, Charlestown, MA 02129

February 25th:


March 4th:


March 11th: 


March 18th:


March 25th

  • TBD

Can not make the whole series?

Drop ins will be available each week space permitting for $23 per class. To reserve a single week please email or call 617.413.8434

Saturdays 11-11:45am
February 25 - March 25

$100 for 5 weeks

If January is a time for starting fresh, making resolutions and setting fitness goals, then February is a time for falling off track, huddling up on your couch and catching reruns of Friends episodes. Lauren is here to REBOOT your New Year's Resolutions with 5 weeks of high intensity classes designed to teach you fitness routines that you can do anywhere. Each week will focus on a different section of the body including, arms/back/abs, booty/legs/abs, full body, and cardio blast. Lauren will pull from her extensive background in Pilates, Barre and personal training to create a well rounded and easy to understand program to keep you engaged and excited to reach your goals in time for spring.


Posted on February 21, 2017 .

Virtual Bachelorette Workout Party

This past weekend I did my first virtual bachelorette workout party. I LOVE working out a bride and her friends/family before or on her wedding day. The energy is always so high.

Interested in having me train you and your friends on the day of your wedding? Do you want to kick off your bachelorette weekend with an invigorating workout? Contact me and we can plan something! 

Posted on February 1, 2017 .

108 days in the NICU


...and still going.  

I didn't think we would be here this long. I was sure my boy would be out of the NICU by "term" , 40 weeks. But now we are over term, and I am holding my big boy while he is being fed by a tube running from his nose to his belly. 

Griffin is great. He is beyond perfect, but we need more time in the NICU. We are working on oral feeds, he aspirates when he eats which means that milk is getting into his lungs. A lot of this is developmental and will just take time. We need to wait until he matures and is able to "breathe, suck and swallow" in sequence and safely. 

My heart is in my throat as there are so many unknowns. I look at Griff and he reminds me how lucky I am to have such an amazing boy. Already he has taught me so much.

I am still teaching 2 classes a week and doing private events/ parties when I can. When Griff comes home I plan to take a full month off and then slowly ease back to teaching. Until then - thank you for your constant loving energy and positive thoughts - keep them coming and let's get this boy home, happy and healthy! 

Posted on August 2, 2016 .

Life In The NICU

Photo taken a week before Griffin was born.  

Photo taken a week before Griffin was born.  

I had the easiest pregnancy. I felt great. I ate organic, exercised, used the cleanest and purest topical products, didn't get my hair colored, avoided jacuzzis, and never missed a day taking the highest grade multivitamins, gulped down with the purest filtered water. Having my baby end up in the NICU was not even a distant thought. Not even an option. Now I sit looking at my tiny baby through a plastic box, wishing I could just hold him and wake up to find that this is all a bad dream. Is this really happening?


As I put Griffin on my bare chest I feel his every heartbeat; the rise and fall of his chest. I am only in that moment, right along with him, as my Big Griff fights for his every breath. I have never been so present. Nothing but his breath matters.  


Some people think that the NICU is just a place where babies who are "early" hang out and grow. In the last two plus months I have learned that this could not be farther from the truth. The NICU is a place of constant battles and these babies are warriors. They are connected to wires and machines. They are pricked and poked with needles and tubes. They are spinal tapped, jabbed with IV's, scanned, infused with donor blood, and tested in every way possible. Just when you think the tests are done, there is another. You can never really breathe easy and neither can they. 


At the start of our NICU journey, the nurses and doctors warned us that our life here would be a roller coaster, a lot of ups and downs. It would be two steps forward, one step back. That is exactly how it is. Good days and bad days. Days full of smiles, and others when I can't catch my breath from crying so hard.


Having a baby in the NICU is heartbreaking. Even if NICU parents appear strong and okay, we have felt the deepest pain, worry, isolation, and helplessness. My heart has never been so conflicted; feeling so much love and so much pain all at once.

The nurses in the NICU are not only saving my son, but they are saving me too. They love these babies as if they were there own, and that makes it a little easier for us NICU parents to leave our little ones behind every night.  I am not sure where I, or Griff, would be without such incredible people. My heart will be forever thankful.

Your dreams of what you will be like as parents and what your baby, labor, and delivery will be like quickly vanish when you give birth at 26 weeks. You adapt to an unpredictable reality and slowly get used to the new dreams that fill your heart and mind. You are thrown into a situation where you have to discover a new you. Your relationships, your mindset, your life is challenged. It is not just a fleeting moment and it's gone, it's a whole journey ahead of you, and it's a tough one.

I park my car in the hospital garage and often find myself running to see Griffin. I am not late for anything, I just don't want to wait another second to be with my boy. I thought the older and stronger he got the easier it would be, but it has only gotten harder.

He looks at me, he listens, he cries when he is hungry and he smiles with content. I see the most beautiful boy. I relish his every milestone. Every gram gained, every poop made, every feeding tolerated, every outfit outgrown - it's a celebration. I tell him I'm proud of him everyday.


People often ask how much longer until Griffin comes home. My answer: As long as Griffin takes to be 100% ready to come home. This is all up to him, and we will wait for that amazing moment no matter how long it takes.


Posted on June 24, 2016 .

I'm coming back to teaching!

I am easing into teaching and will be teaching 2 classes a week starting Friday, May 27th.

  • Dartmouth Street Friday 12-12:45pm Barre Burn
  • Franklin Street Tuesday 12:50-1:35pm Lean Line

I am a little anxious. I am anxious to step inside Equinox for the first time, without Griffin in my belly. I am anxious to teach my first class after giving birth. Firsts are the hardest, and I will need your support. 

I am SO excited to see all my favorite people. I am so excited to kick your butts, and to give back the energy and love you have given me. See you all very soon. 




Posted on May 20, 2016 .